What People Are Saying

These kind souls had very nice things to say about my book:

“A vicariously entertaining whirlwind of scrapbook memories from an author who can’t sit still.”

—Kirkus Reviews

The Turk Who Loved Apples is exactly the travel book you should read while traveling. Filled with the kind of moments of absurdity, sadness, madness, wisdom, beauty, realization, and Weltschmerz familiar to the chronic, lifelong traveler.

—Anthony Bourdain

A book with lasting relevance for all travelers—about how to access the mystery and awe of our first travels . . . and perhaps most brilliantly about how one comes home.

—Andrew Zimmern

Matt Gross is the perfect travel companion: smart, funny, and game for (almost) anything. Plus he knows all the best places to eat. As in all great travel books, the real terrain covered in The Turk Who Loved Apples can’t be found on any map.

—Eric Weiner, author of The Geography of Bliss

Matt Gross seems to have been everywhere. Any man with the audacity to be bored by the Taj Mahal is the kind of independent-thinking traveler I want to spend time with. This book made me want to get out and go—to just about anywhere!

—Andrew McCarthy

Matt Gross is one of the most intrepid, curious, good-hearted, and absolutely fearless travelers around. You’ll see some of the world’s most striking places in this book and meet some of its most endearing (and, sometimes, tragic) people. I, for one, would follow Mr. Gross, on any budget, at any time, anywhere.

—Tom Bissell, author of Magic Hours

Gross’s far-flung coming-of-age memoir celebrates the joy of travel, but it also tweaks the easy conclusions and clichés we attach to our journeys. Honest, insightful, and surprising, this book explores the moments—good, bad, ambivalent—that make life on the road meaningful.

—Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys random conversations in dive bars, casually delving into your taxi-driver’s tangled home life, or swapping philosophy at a bus stop, then this book is for you. … I’m a fan of Gross’s honesty and his preference for engaging reality over whitewashed escapism. His combination of neurosis, Yankee pragmatism, and a genial willingness to paint himself in a bad light ultimately make him more amiable to this reviewer.

—Seamus Mullarkey, ForeWord Reviews

More to come, I hope!

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