First Sighting of ‘The Turk’ in the Wild!

Sometime last night, I was checking my Twitter feed when I ran into this:

Pretty cool, right? Of all the people who preordered “The Turk Who Loved Apples,” my own little brother was the first to receive his copy. Awesome.

At the same time, I was a bit taken aback. Hadn’t Amazon been touting an April 23 shipping date for the past few months? Wasn’t the “official” publication date listed as May 1? What did it mean that the book was already flying out? Had Amazon screwed up? Were these early copies going to somehow screw up our whole carefully conceived publicity plan?

Not really! This is just how it goes in today’s modern publishing world. Amazon holds huge sway over how things work. If it decides the preorder shipping date is April 23, then it’s April 23—unless, of course, it gets the books in early and decides to just send them out, shipping date be damned. And this doesn’t really change how we go about promoting the book’s release, either. The interviews and articles and such are in the works or being set up, and so we all just pretend that May 1 is The Date, even if a handful (or more?) of people already have the book in hand.

And incidentally, those of you itching for the Kindle edition are just going to have to wait: It won’t be distributed till May 1 April 23. If you’re really eager, however, might I suggest buying the print edition as well?